and so we begin…

Procrastination is like a life enhancing drug for me.

It motivates me into creative, passion projects which usually becomes all consuming. After whipping up a batch of vegan chocolate chai pudding and hot gluing a bear cave out of cardboard for my class’s exploration on hibernation- with cotton ball snow and everything- I decided  to write a blog . All of this in protest to writing another boring essay for school. Blah. Thanks again Ryerson! At the end of this long road I can honestly say I have been sooooooo productive with my life even if it was just to spite you.

me and my lady  (I am on the left)

me and my lady
(I am on the left)

I want this space to share my thoughts, tips and experiences and also to serve as an archive about my pregnancy and beyond.

I am shacked up with and enamoured by another woman,  so that will play a roll in what information I have to share…especially on getting pregnant …. but I also don’t want to limit this conversation to queer issues. The fact that I will be able call my child a “gayby” won’t have an affect on the recipe I’m going to share with you for a fabulous stretch mark cream, nor will it affect my tips on eco-friendly toys or my love of chocolate.

I am an Early Childhood Educator (as is my partner) and I have extensive training  and experience in Holistic and Shamanic -Energy Medicine. I have a small business creating natural bath products out of my home. My favourite season is Autumn and I love cooking. If I don’t eat a good meal or have a snack every few hours I get really hangry and can act like a feral animal. It’s not pretty.  I can almost guarantee that I will have a spelling or grammatical error in almost every post I write, and I like to create my own words, so don’t get tripped up by those trivialities, it’s just the way I roll.