Fertile Ground- Part 2: Manifest Destiny!

I am a firm believer in preparation, like setting the atmosphere and intention before an important change in your life. I’m comforted at times by my to-do lists or manifestation guides. They help to keep me focused.

Tuning into my body and observing the Earth’s rhythms and moon cycles has been an empowering practice I’ve cultivated throughout my life and it became even more valuable and powerful when working towards conception. 

These are just some suggestions if you are laying the foundation for fertility:

(*Please adapt accordingly! If you have a partner (male or female) some of this work can be done together. If you have a known sperm donor you can invite them to participate in some of their own fertility groundwork.)

fertility tree, costa rica

our found fertility tree in costa rica

1. Surround yourself with fertility. Print images of fertility goddess or ripe round pregnant women. Find fertility in a lush landscape, ripe fruit trees, rolling rivers.

What resonates with you?  Bite into fresh fruit, something sexy like a mango and feel  the juices running down your face.

Pick berries, swim in lakes and rivers, soak up the sun, walk barefoot, take a belly dancing class…just do things that make you feel alive, luscious, sensuous and strong.

Think of an abundant time in your life or place that fills you with joy and have those images surrounding you.

venus of willendorf

venus of willendorf

 2. Build a fertility altar- Make it meaningful to you.

Create a small area, even just be a table top in a quite spot. Your bedroom might be the perfect intimate space, where you can sit and meditate or reflect upon it daily. Image is a powerful tool to speak with the subconscious, using image where possible is a wonderful way to build and hold intention for what you are wanting to manifest.

Our thoughts and intentions are energy that has the power to be seeds of the future.  What are you sprouting? Visualize, visualize, visualize!

  • Images of yourself (and or partner or family) at various stages in your life, starting with the youngest image you have.
  • Fresh flowers blooming or seeds in soil from your garden.
  • A red cloth or  a red candle to represent life blood.
  • A bowl of water to connect with the vital life force of creation.
  • Images or figures of fertility Goddesses such as Mary, Brigid, Ix Chel, Gaia, Demeter, Corn Maiden.
  • An egg or egg shaped rock, something phallic or sperm representative
  • Affirmations such as: “I am a fertile goddess”; “I am a sacred vessel for life”; “I surrender to the power of creation” ; “I am abundant and full of life force potential”
  • Other images, or items that represent abundance, fertility, sensuality or family to you.
  • If you are using an unknown sperm donor and have their profile or profile number placing this on your conception altar can build an energetic alignment between the two (three) of you before and during the insemination process

Whatever you place there, these items should reflect  and invoke a fullness and bring joy and heart warming feelings to you. If your Great Aunt Mildred gave you her wedding ring and she was an important person in your family lineage this might be a powerful medicine item to be on your altar. But if Aunt Mildred was a wretched old bat and you think the ring is ugly don’t put it on your altar just as a symbol to represent your family lineage.


cornucopious delight

3. Eat, breath, drink fertility.

Apparently sugar, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol are NOT delicious and nutritious for egg/sperm development?!

I’m not going to say to get pregnant you must eat pure organic food or to only drink spring water. Let’s get real people get pregnant all the time in the least optimal health and wellness.  Not that those choices can’t be potentially beneficial to your overall wellbeing, but, make good choices for yourself. There may be somethings you need to cut back on, or supplements that can generate more health, stamina and life force in your body.

Eating fertility enriching foods that can reduce inflammation in the body, support regulation of hormones, regular ovulation and strengthen egg quality.

The Fertility Vitamins and Minerals are: B6, B12,  Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc and Iron.  (More to come on this topic with direct links to other sites)

spend time in nature

spend time in nature

4. Be in your body- Connect with the Earth

We all come from the Earth and go back to the Earth. Our bodies are our vehicles while we are here. If you have body issues take a closer look at that and attempt to soften your self image. Be kind, gentle, and self nurturing. Your body will be the home for new life. Treat it with compassion and love.

If you never exercise, or take a moment to slow down, walk in nature; listen to your breath; now might be a great time to attempt that yoga class, take a walk in the ravine, learn how to meditate…believe me everyone can meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. Creating time to cultivate your intentions and fill yourself with life force enhances your vitality and aligns you to being the sacred vessel that you already are.

Developing a relationship with the Earth Mother has been a vital part of my life. Following Her rhythms has supported me through many challenges. It can be very nourishing to find a tree or spot outside and just be. To listen and to breathe.

sacred sperm and egg

sacred sperm and egg

5. Create something new, especially with the focus of fertility or conception in mind.

 Loversauce and I painted a conception image and placed it on our altar for many months in preparation for conception. We chose colours that felt strong to us and painted the golden sperm connecting with the silvery blue egg. To us it was charged with life force and our intentions for that one miraculous moment.  We sent the image to Skippy (our sperm donor) as well so that he could hold the same visualization as us.